My vision for the web's future

Exactly 8 years ago, I commissioned a web home that looked the part but could only write blogs.

The annotated UI of as at 2016 inspired by a bungalow design. The Fascia contains the navigation menu while the Frontage contains the blog posts. Annotations include gable, ridge, hip, fascia bracket, soffit, wall, and marbles.

My first-ever website design, back in 2016, reflects a desire for the web I want

I wanted more. I wanted a piece of the web I own and can do me unlimited.

Today, the idea becomes real.

I want each of you and I to own our web homes. It will look and function however we want. From the comfort of our websites, there will be no limits to what we can do.

Send or receive messages? checked. Read or publish blogs? checked. Sell or buy products? checked. Use or create apps? checked. Yin and yang anything? Double-checked.

You see, all these activities without visiting third-party websites. Meaning, they won't own a piece of you and me.

TO a self-sufficient web.

T. Ọlamilékan Ogunbíyi
May 1st, 2024.