Here's why Variable Fonts are amazing!

Do me a favour:

Don't just read what you're reading right now. I want you to, also, take a closer look at the design of these characters.

You see, a particular character design style is packaged as a font.

Hold on... Cos that's not the interesting part. The interesting thing is:

Each of the 5 font genres may have up to 9 font stretches. Each font stretch can have up to 3 font styles. And, each font style may have up to 9 font weights.

In other words, a Typeface can have up to 5 × 9 × 3 × 9 which is equal to a total of 1215 static font files!

By the way, don't be shocked like my 🇳 president.

With variable fonts, Designers can use only 1 font file instead of 1215 font files!

It's crazy, right? rárá, it's amazing!