Use the web through your site

Relax in your website, it's your home. Order a web service, it's your call. Own your web content, it's your property.

, Your digital footprints are a mess

  • No central location for all the content you share across the web.

  • No sole ownership for that content wherever it may be

A web system to manage your web life

  • Manage your past, present, and future content in one spot

  • Use or Create, and switch your day-to-day web services on the go

  • Control your privacy and manage access levels at any time.

  • See how your web activities fare over time.

The web is beyond social media

Some tools help you manage many social media accounts. But there are also Emails, Blogs, Productivities, etc.
Toheeb helps you manage them all.

Making 5bn+ humans independent

Billions of humans go to many 3rd party platforms to network, email, blog, or whatever. Toheeb let these web services come to you.

It takes only 3 steps

  1. Own a domain for your web address

  2. Get a customizable website for your web content

  3. Review and use services for your web activities

Simplified for you

Get a Content Editor, Design Panel, and Logic Creator meant for Simple Humans.

Coming soon

Follow up with the engineering noise.